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Fee Schedule

Treatment Description Fee

New Patient Consultation– includes full dental examination, periodontal assessment, oral hygiene advice, oral cancer check and clinical photographs if required

X-rays – each £7.50
Second Opinion £75.00

Routine Examination Adult– includes periodontal review and clinical photographs if required

Routine Examination with Hygiene £75.00
Dentist – Complex Hygiene Treatment (per 30 minutes)

20 minutes: £45.00
30 minutes: £57.50
40 minutes: £77.50
Air Polish Trial Session:

Air Polish:

Oral Health Educator (30 minutes)

Tooth Coloured Cosmetic Fillings
Small: £87.50
Medium: £110.00
Large: £150.00 – £190.00

Fissure Sealants (per tooth)

Non-surgical: £110.00 – £150.00
Surgical: £190.00 – £220.00
Sutures or Haemostatic Dressing: £40.00

Root Fillings (Inclusive of x-rays):

£305.00 – £495.00
White Porcelain Bonded to Metal Crown: £525.00 – £550.00
High Aesthetic all Ceramic (e-max): £575.00 – £650.00
Porcelain Veneers £585.00
Bridges(per unit)

Acrylic Partial: £395.00 – £550.00
Chrome Partial: £725.00 – £900.00
Full Upper or Full Lower: £575.00 – £675.00
Full Upper and Full Lower £825.00 – £950.00
Sports Mouth Guard £85.00 – £125.00
Night Guard £85.00 – £180.00
Tooth Whitening (bleaching):
One Arch: £295.00
Two Arches: £375.00
Replacement Gel – per syringe £15.00
Children – Examination
Under 5 years: Free if within parent’s appointment time
5 – 10 years: £20.00
11- 17 years: £25.00
Students: Examination & Hygiene £37.50
Scale & Polish: £15.00 – £25.00
OHE +/- Topical Fluoride Application £20.00
Treatment: Half of Adult Fee
X-rays £7.50 per X-ray

Emergency Treatment (during normal surgery hours)

Registered Patients: No additional consultation charge to treatment fee
Non – Registered Patients: Treatment fee + £25.00 per tooth
Out of Hours Call Out Fee (private dentists rota)
Private Patients: £100.00 plus treatment fee
Denplan Patients: £20.00 only

**Children under 5 receive free examination within parent’s appointment time. Treatment is chargeable as above

All fees are due at each visit and a deposit may be required where treatment costs involve laboratory work.
The above list is only a guide and a written estimate of treatment costs will be given.

We always inform you of your treatment options in advance and you will be given a written Treatment Plan and an estimate of costs involved. We ask that you pay for treatment directly after each appointment. We accept cash, cheques, credit or debit cards.

If your treatment requires onward referral to a specialist, we will make a referral on your behalf.


If you prefer to budget for your dental care, you may wish to join our Denplan monthly payment plan. We offer Denplan Care, Denplan Essentials, Denplan Kids and Corporate Denplan. We offer discounts for 2 or more members joining on the same payment group. Click here for full details.


We guarantee permanent composite fillings, crowns, bridges and dentures for 1 year providing that your dentist at this practice has suggested that this is the recommended treatment and carried this work out for you at this dental surgery.

This guarantee is subject to you attending for routine examination appointments every 6 months and hygiene appointments as prescribed by your dentist. We can not guarantee any damage caused to restorations, crowns, bridges and dentures by lack of care, trauma, accidents, poor oral hygiene or poor diet.


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