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Specialist Orthodontist

At Dee Shapland Dental, our orthodontic service is led by a Specialist Orthodontist. We use the highest quality UK materials and laboratories to provide you with a state of the art service in a relaxed atmosphere with free parking and single level access.

Why should I see a Specialist Orthodontist?

Although any dentist with suitable qualifications can carry out orthodontic treatment, only dentists who have trained for a minimum of three years on a recognised orthodontic training course can use the protected title ‘Orthodontic Specialist’. You can check if your orthodontist is registered as a specialist by visiting the General Dental Council (GDC) website and searching the specialist list.

Our Orthodontic team is led by Specialist Orthodontist Dr Ansa Akram. Dr Akram has completed a five year training course in Orthodontics and is registered as a specialist on the GDC specialist list.

“ I have been a patient of Ansa’s for 2 years and have had a very good experience during my orthodontic treatment. Everyone is really nice in the practice and every time I come in, they are really caring and friendly. I would for sure recommend this practice to friends and family. ”

Treatment Costs and Payment plans

Orthodontics is available free of charge for some children on the National Health Service (NHS) where the practice has an NHS orthodontic contract to provide this service. We at Dee Shapland dental do not have an NHS orthodontic contract and provide orthodontic treatment on a private basis to children and adults.

We are happy to assess children for eligibility on the NHS for free braces using the nationally used IOTN scoring system. Where they are eligible we can refer quickly and efficiently to an NHS orthodontist for treatment.

Creating perfect smiles

Whilst there are many orthodontic systems available that promise fast results, we assess each case on its own merits and will come up with the most suitable and comprehensive treatment options for you that will provide you with the smile you have always wanted as well as long term stability.

” I have been a patient of Ansa’s for 3 years and I find the staff at this practice excellent – they are so friendly and also very patient. Ansa explained everything to me throughout my treatment and at every visit telling me exactly what I needed to know and was always very friendly and caring. I feel that I have had a lovely experience whilst undergoing orthodontic treatment, Ansa was always happy to see me last minute and all the staff were prompt and efficient in replying to any enquiries I had – this dental surgery offers great customer service. I would definitely recommend this dental practice to family and friends. ”
Leanne Richmond

New patient Specialist Consultation (£70)

Our initial consultation involves an in depth meeting with you to understand your concerns and expectations of treatment. We will discuss all available options with you and if you are happy to proceed we can schedule you in to start treatment very quickly.

Fees start from just £1500

Our orthodontic fees are all inclusive and there are no hidden costs. We will give you a clear breakdown of the treatment costs at the start of treatment. Fees for adults tend to be higher than for children. This is because treatment in adults is usually more complex and the teeth are slower to move.

Children’s (under 18 years) braces

For children that are not eligible for NHS orthodontic treatment we offer a fixed price treatment plan using metal fixed braces that cost £1500. Clear braces are also available for children at an additional cost.

Adult braces

We offer a range of treatment options for adults. Prices for Clear braces start from £3000.

Payment options from £100 per month

We offer flexible payment plans with monthly interest free payments from as low as £100.

How to Book an orthodontic consultation

There are two ways to book an appointment with our Specialist Orthodontist:

Routine Orthodontic appointments

Once your treatment has started we will aim to see you every 6-8 weeks to adjust the brace.

Broken Braces and brace problems

Occasionally brackets can come off during treatment or wires can start to dig in or retainers can be misplaced. We ask you to contact us as soon as you run into any problems so we can assess the urgency of the situation and book an appropriate appointment for you to be seen.


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