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Tooth coloured cosmetic braces

Tooth coloured cosmetic braces work in a similar manner to traditional metal braces. They are tooth coloured and blend in with your natural teeth.

There are different systems available. The system we use is made of a high quality ceramic material, and although they are more expensive than the cheaper plastic varieties available, they are much safer for your teeth.

We use the recently developed “self-ligating’ variety of tooth coloured braces, which do not use elastic bands to hold the wire in place. These are much easier to keep clean and significantly, discolouration is not a problem with this type of brace. In certain types of bites we may not be able to use tooth coloured braces on your bottom teeth due to risk of tooth wear, this is however uncommon and we will always discuss this with you at your initial appointment.

The wires that we use with our tooth coloured braces are also coated with a tooth coloured material and are much less visible than metal wires.

For more information on how to care for your brace, please visit our Brace Care section.

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