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What to expect at a routine examination appointment

We check and update your medical history – this is to ensure that we are aware of any medical conditions and/or medication that might have an effect on your dental health and safety of your dental treatment.

We ask you how you feel about your dental health, if you have any concerns or problems with your teeth, gums or mouth and if you are happy with your smile.

We look in your mouth:
– At your teeth for decay, wear, broken, leaking or lost fillings.
– At your gums for the presence of plaque, tarter (hardened plaque), inflammation and bleeding.
– At your lips, cheeks, tongue, soft and hard palate for ulcers, swellings and white or red patches or anything unusual.

We look at your face for any swelling.
We feel your neck to check for any enlarged lymph glands or swellings.
We use a special measuring probe around the gum line of each tooth to give us an idea of the condition of your gums.
We look at the way your teeth bite together.

We may take x-rays:
– If you are in pain and we need an x-ray to help in the diagnosis of the problem.
– For routine assessment of your teeth and the bone supporting your teeth.
– To check the condition of a tooth/teeth prior to some treatments.

As a result of the examination we will discuss our findings with you and give you a diagnosis, treatment options, advice on dental hygiene and risk factors for dental decay, gum disease and oral cancer.

We want to help you to have the knowledge and skills to care for your dental health and therefore general health and we use a multi team approach where necessary to achieve this.


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